May 29, 2019 Where does the Flåm Line run? The Flåm Railway, or Flåmsbana in Norwegian, goes from Flåm to Myrdal in Aurland, Norway. Boarding the train 


The Flåm Railway has been described as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world and is one of the leading tourist attractions in Norway. The train 

Gilbert, Martin, The  av drift Excellent views over Kjosfossen, Reinungavatnet and the Flåm Railway - Picture of Vatnahalsen Hoyfjellshotell, Myrdal - Tripadvisor  1 month ago 1 49:34. 4K CAB VIEW True to eye view of the Flåm Railway (Myrdal - Flåm). TRAIN DRIVERS VIEW Early spring and two trains in Flåm 4K UltraHD. About The Flam Railway The world's most beautiful train journey. The train journey shows some of Norway's best landscape. In the course of approximately 2 hours, you'll experience lush fjord landscapes, steep mountains, spectacular waterfalls and snow-covered mountains. The Flåm Railway The 20 km long Flåm Railway between Flåm and Myrdal offer views to spectacular nature, historical cultural landscapes and extreme engineering skills.

Flam railway

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The Flam Railway (Flåmsbana) is a spectacular train journey that offers a panoramic view of some of the wildest and most magnificent nature in the Norwegian fjord landscape. The 20 km-long train ride took 20 years and is one of the steepest standard gauge railway lines in the world. The two active trains at the Flåm Railway carry passengers, largely tourists with a return ticket, up and down the mountain from six in the morning till ten at night. They take about 500 people, and it’s mid-season, which means that most departures are fully booked. The Flåm Railway is easily accessible.

The Flam Railway uses NSB El 18 electric locomotives to pull the carriages along the route.

Mar 9, 2021 Miss trains as much as we do? Take a virtual ride on the Flåm Railway - aka Flåmsbana - one of the most scenic and beautiful train rides in the 

Flam Myrdal railway highlight landscape. Vertical. Hitta och jämföra erbjudanden på 12 Hotell funna i Flåm, Norge från Lets Book Inga bokningsavgifter.

The trip on the Flåm Railway provides a panorama of some of the wildest and most magnificent Norwegian mountain scenery at any time of the year. You will see 

Flam railway

At the high mountain station of Myrdal, 866 metres above sea level, the Flåm Railway meets the Bergen Line for onward connections to … The Flam Railway, known in Norwegian as the Flamsbana, takes you on a picturesque train journey in South Norway, from the fjord-side village of Flam to Myrdal, or vice versa. Covering around 20 kilometres, the journey provides stunning views of magnificent mountains, rushing waterfalls, beautiful valleys … The Flåm Railway is easily accessible. Travel by regional train from Bergen, Voss or Oslo to Myrdal station, where you will embark on the Flåm Railway. Travelling with Fjord Tour’s packages “Norway in a Nutshell ®” and “Sognefjord in a Nutshell”, you can opt for a round trip from either Oslo or Bergen or you can choose to travel one way from Bergen or Oslo via the Sognefjord. Though small, Flam is one of the most popular places to visit in Norway, most famous for its railway line.. Brad and I took a journey on the Flam Railway during our Scandinavian adventure and we loved it. It’s often regarded as one of the most beautiful train rides in Europe and I can confirm that’s true.

Each day 4 trains run  The Flåm Railway has been described as one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world and is one of the leading tourist attractions in Norway. The train  Apr 10, 2018 If you click through and buy, TravelingMom may receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. Disappointing Flam Railway Norway. Jan 12, 2017 Where in the world can you see fjords, mountains, glaciers, the midnight sun, northern lights, waterfalls and national parks all in one country? Aug 3, 2020 Information on the Flåm Railway is mixed and oftentimes confusing. Norway in a Nutshell?
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Flam railway

They take about 500 people, and it’s mid-season, which means that most departures are fully booked.

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The Flåm Railway offers for the most part wild and beautiful mountain scenery, with snow-capped peaks, lush pastures and historic traditions dating all the way back to pagan times. On the 20-kilometer train ride you will experience some of the most dramatic and magnificent Norwegian nature.

National Geographic Traveler Magazine has named the Flam Railway as one of the top 10 train journeys in Europe and Lonely Planet named it the best train  Sep 13, 2017 The first and most popular of these is the Flåm Railway (Flåmbana). Our journey starts early one morning at the Oslo train station where,  Flam Railway. Learn about Flamsbana, the adventurous rail ride that travels through tunnels and past waterfalls in some of Norway's prettiest scenery. Introduction / History.

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The Flam Railway – one of the steepest railways in Europe! An incredible journey from mountain to fjord. A 20-km branch line off the Bergen Line , it runs through the Flam Valley and connects the main line with the Sognefjord and the Flam fjord village.

The scenic Flåm Railroad takes passengers on a wonderful 12.5 mile journey up one of the steepest railroad lines in the world. Jun 26, 2019 See photos from a cruise ship shore excursion from Flam, Norway to Voss on the Flam Railway, returning to the fjords of Norway via bus. Known as one of the most beautiful railways in the world, the journey on the Flåm Railway (Flamsbana), “the little green train”, is one you will surely remember. Planning to travel from Oslo to Flam by train? Check the train timetable and book your Oslo to Flam railway tickets with Rail Ninja!